Sunday, September 8, 2013

Dogs Playing On The Beach

Well, today's our last day at the beach.  We've taken the dogs out onto the beach twice during the trip, but always at night since we were told they weren't allowed on the beach this time of year.  Pffft!  Maya has never even BEEN to the beach before - of course we had to take them out there!

They enjoyed the beach so much (especially Maya) that we wanted to take them while it was light out at least once before we left.  So yesterday we waited until 6:30pm when most people had cleared out and took the dogs out to play on the beach.


Bella runs out into the surf, but as soon as a wave comes in she runs back up the beach.  She manages to only get her feet wet.  She has the most fun running around and smelling all the strange new things like sand and seashells.

Exploring the beach together

Maya, on the other hand, THROWS herself into the waves.  She likes to play this game where she runs up to a large wave as it comes in and tries to take a big bite out of it.  It's like she's attacking the wave. 

I'm gonna get you, wave!

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