Friday, September 13, 2013


Wait, what?  

It's that time of year again.  That sad, sad time when glorious and shiny Summer fades into tattered Fall, with a slow slide right into the icy clutches of Winter.

You see, summer is filled with warmth and bright, colorful flowers and delicious fresh tomatoes and backyard cookouts and going to the beach and reading books outside in the sunshine and throwing the ball for the dogs and fishing and GLITTER and RAINBOWS and UNICORNS.

Fall in and of itself is ok, but I've never been able to not associate it with winter, which you may have noticed comes right after fall.  It's kind of weird, because a lot of stuff I love happens in the fall, including my birthday and the NC State Fair.  You would think that stuff would win the what-I-associate-with-fall battle, but no.  The entire fall season it feels like I'm slowing falling down a long hole towards bleak and icy winter, who is clearly the villian.

I'm trying not to feel this way.  All of the seasons have a purpose (surely), and have their ups and downs (or so I'm told).

Yes, even winter has it's high points.  Even thought I hate the cold with all of my heart and soul, snow is beautiful and Christmas is magical.  Hello, Christmas cookies!  Also, because I live in North Carolina, winter only lasts for about 2 or 3 months!

But still, I think I'll be sure to spend some extra time outside for the next few weeks to soak up the last lingering bits of sunshine.

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  1. BWAHAHAHA! I LOVE winter. It is the BEST season. And it is too damn short.

    Summer is the worst. Everything is all hot and humid and BRIGHT!