Thursday, September 19, 2013

Canning Sauerkraut

 I am helping my mother-in-law with her garden this year, and she planted an entire raised bed of cabbages.  We turned 40 pounds of cabbage into sauerkraut... yum!  It took 2 sauerkraut crocks to hold it all.

On Tuesday we pulled the sauerkraut out of the crocks and divided it up.  In the past, I've frozen my sauerkraut in quart-size freezer bags, but it's often awkward trying to thaw a baseball-sized brick of sauerkraut.

So THIS year I decided (surprise, surprise) to CAN the sauerkraut!  We've really been enjoying the convenience of our other canned foods so this definitely seemed worth a try.  Also, there is no way I could fit this much sauerkraut in my tiny freezer.
Did I mention the part about

I was quit surprised to find out sauerkraut can be water-bath canned... I guess because it's basically brined?  I was ALSO surprised to find out that my share of the sauerkraut turned into TWENTY PINTS.


I now have TWENTY PINTS of sauerkraut.

So, umm.... if anybody has some good recipes for using sauerkraut, let me know.

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  1. ugh. Well I guess you got to practice your canning skills. Well Done. Well Done.