Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Homemade Malt Vinegar

After I started my first batch of strawberry vinegar, I looked up some basic vinegar facts and found some really interesting information.  All vinegar comes from some form of alcohol being converted by acetic acid bacteria, so red wine turns into red wine vinegar and hard apple cider turns into apple cider vinegar.  So far so good, but I didn't realize that you get malt vinegar by turning beer into vinegar.  Huh!  Who knew?

As I mentioned in this post my husband has some homemade beer that we have discovered didn't age very well, SO the next vinegar project is to try to make malt vinegar!  I saved the vinegar 'mother' (which is just cellulose and the bacteria that creates vinegar) from the first batch of vinegar and I added it to this batch, which should help get it started.

After I took this picture I added about 6 more 22 oz bottles of the beer, which pretty much filled this container.  That means everybody who knows us will eventually get a bottle of malt vinegar whether they want it or not!  Mwhahah!

Seriously, though, we have a couple of neighborhood ponds that I go fishing in for perch over the summer, so I can see a lot of fish n' chips in our future.

Yeah... I think I can deal with that.  :-)

According to the all-knowing Wikipedia other types of vinegar can be made from sugarcane juice, fermented coconut water, dates, raisins, and even honey!


Interested in vinegar?  See the article about bottling the Malt Vinegar, and making Strawberry Vinegar.

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  1. Won't be able to taste test this one, but it looks amazing!