Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Homemade Strawberry Vinegar

Well, I successfully made my first batch of vinegar!  Following the instructions I found here, I saved the tops from all the strawberries I used this year and instead of just tossing them, turned them into vinegar!
Ignore the Prego bottle!  

I love the 'waste not, want not' aspect of making vinegar.  It's literally turning trash into treasure!

My husband had a batch of homemade beer that hadn't aged well, so he volunteered the beer for the next vinegar project.  I recently learned that when you turn beer into vinegar, you get malt vinegar. So I took the 'mother' that had formed on my first batch of strawberry vinegar and added it to the beer yesterday.

I've read that when you start with an alcohol (like beer or wine), the vinegar process goes faster.  I'll check the beer in 2 weeks and see if it has turned into vinegar yet.

The waiting is the hardest part!


Interested in vinegar?  See the article about Malt Vinegar here, and bottling the Malt Vinegar.

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