Thursday, June 20, 2013

Dog Tricks - Month 1

My community has a talent show each spring, and so far I've never showcased a talent.  See, my talents tend to run less towards something that would easily lend itself to this type of format such as singing, playing an instrument, or magic tricks and more towards crafts or projects that don't have a big 'ta-da' element (ok, everybody, hold on while I... bake this cake!  I'll be back in 30 minutes.)

This year in a (*cough* somewhat pathetic) attempt to participate in the talent show I made a foam board presentation of the 'Wonders of Vinegar' à la science fair project.  It sat on the table next to the buffet, and somehow it just didn't seem like everything I had dreamed really participating in the talent show would be.

So!  I racked my brain, and have come up with a project that will take me a FULL YEAR to prepare, but if I work diligently that whole time, it will allow me to have a pretty decent 5-minute talent show act for next year.  TOTALLY WORTH IT.

That project is.... training my dog!  I have a whole year of worthless-but-entertaining dog tricks lined up to teach her.  By the way, maybe I should mention that I'm still on my first dog.  So, yeah... I'm not exactly the dog trick expert.  But I will let nothing so petty as reality stand in my way!  

We are currently on month #1.  The featured trick for this month is 'jump', which I then wanted to segue into having her jump through a hoop.  It's not completely polished (I still have a whole week to go before it's time to start the training for the next trick), but it's looking pretty good if I do say so myself! 


  1. Oh my goodness! That is too cute!

  2. SWEET! Although, your science fair posterboard sounds pretty graet to me.