Monday, June 24, 2013

Pickle Review Is In!

So, as I mentioned here I canned a few pints of garlic dill pickles about a week ago.  At the time my husband mentioned that he normally wasn't a big fan of homemade pickles.  That's fine, because I knew something he didn't - my Grandma made the best pickles ever and nobody can resist these!

We had to wait a whole week before they were ready to try, and I broke open a pint this weekend.  My husband tried one... and announced that he really liked them!  HOORAY!  SUCCESS!  *Cue pickle dance*

These pickles are made using whole, small cucumbers so they stay very crunchy since the structural integrity (yeah, I just used that phrase about PICKLES) stays intact.  That plus a bunch of garlic pretty much equals win.

YAY for pickles!


  1. YAY for pickles! So happy they turned out well!

  2. What kind of person doesn't like homemade pickles? Well, anyway, you showed him the light. Your adventures in canning are so exciting!