Tuesday, September 2, 2014

House Progress Update!

Wonderful, amazing progress has been made on the house!  

There have been a few fits & starts with the building process since we've been getting a crazy amount of rain this summer, but lots of progress has been made in spite of the weird weather.  

I was prepared for a house being built in my backyard to be irritating (people coming and going at all hours, noisy machinery, driveway being blocked, etc), but instead it has been super entertaining!  I've had SO MUCH FUN watching the wonderful and miraculous method of something as complex as a HOUSE start to take shape.  

July 9th: The site for the house is being cleared.  Whole trees are being knocked down!  The house building process has officially started - EXCITEMENT!

July 14th: The house site has been cleared, and the outline of the slab foundation is marked.

July 22nd: The ground is being leveled for the foundation.  I have to admit, I stood on the back stoop and just watched these huge machines pushing around dirt for a while... these things are so amazing!  When the bucket would hit the ground, I could feel the whole trailer shake a little.

July 30th: A frame for pouring the slab foundation goes up.

August 6th: Gravel, pipes, and other magical stuff is added before the slab is poured.  Maybe fairy dust?  I have no idea.

August 16th: The SLAB HAS BEEN POURED!  The lower section will be our front porch, and the area jutting out in the back on the left will be our screened in porch!!

At this point all the wood for the framing has been delivered and is sitting in huge stacks next to the trailer.  The framing should start going up this week - I can't wait to see that happen!

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  1. What a wonderful photo journal. The pictures portray a lot, including how exciting it must be to watch it happening before your very eyes!