Tuesday, September 16, 2014

House Progress Update II

Even MORE progress has been made on the house, and I know that's kinda the whole idea behind BUILDING A HOUSE but I still find it amazing and miraculous!  

It probably doesn't hurt that this particular progress has quickly made it actually look like a REAL HOUSE, and to a visual person (like myself) this has quite an impact.

September 4th: The framing starts to go up!

September 5th: They bring out a HUGE CRANE to put up the roof trusses.  The drama!  The excitement!

September 13th: The ROOF goes up, and suddenly - MAGICALLY - it looks like a real house to me.

September 15th: Now there are even WINDOWS!  GASP!

Ok, look, I apologize for the crazy excitement and all the exclamation points, but seriously this is how this whole building process feels to me.  If it wouldn't be super-duper creepy, I'd just stand in my backyard the whole time with my mouth open, staring at whatever the construction crew is doing that day in wide-eyed wonder.

As it is, I've so far managed to rein it in to just staring out of my window every once in a while and taking a few pictures when I let the dogs out.

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