Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Suffering From The Terrible "Just-One-More" Disease

Apparently like many others, I suffer from the common 'just-one-more' disease.  I've been dealing with the fallout of this disease as blackberry picking season progresses.

Yesterday I went out blackberry picking in the early morning eager to pick enough to make a batch of seedless blackberry jam before the heat of the day.  In fact I was so eager that I rushed out BEFORE eating breakfast.

That in and of itself wouldn't have been much of a problem if I had had the good sense to pick a decent amount of blackberries and then come back home.  But NO... there was always another ripe blackberry right there.  I'll just pick one more.... ok, just one more... I have to pick THAT one...

This continued until I actually felt dizzy from thirst and hunger.  Because apparently I'm a moron.  But there was always JUST ONE MORE ripe blackberry RIGHT THERE!  How could I walk away?!?

After staggering home I recovered over a few hours after eating some breakfast and having a tall glass of cold water.  I vowed that I had learned my lesson.  When I measured out the amount of blackberries I had picked, I learned that I was just 1 cup shy of the amount I needed to make a batch of jam.

Which takes us to... today.  About 24 hours after my death-march approach to blackberry picking from yesterday morning.  See, TODAY at least I waited until I had eaten before going blackberry picking.  Also I only needed ONE CUP of blackberries to complete the recipe.

Did I pick 1 cup of berries and come back, like a SANE person?

Of course not.

I haven't yet measured how many berries I ended up picking this morning, but based on how full my bucket is I would say I almost picked as many as I did yesterday.  Since I ate before I went picking at least I don't feel like I'm going to pass out - no, I just picked until I was dripping with sweat and had literally picked all the ripe berries I could find in my immediate area.  ONLY THEN could I tear myself away.

Maybe I need to go picking with a buddy, somebody who is more sane than I am and can have the good sense to know when to stop.

Of course, there's another stand of blackberries just down the road...  Maybe tomorrow I'll go pick a few of those.  Just enough for that second batch of jam.......

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