Thursday, September 5, 2013

Summer-Induced Freckles

As I mentioned earlier, Jack and I are at Carolina Beach this week and I'm having a GREAT TIME! 

My daily schedule has pretty much been wake up, drink coffee and eat breakfast, slather myself with sunscreen and go swim / lay out on the beach until lunch.  I know, it's a hard life. 

So far I've been able to avoid a sunburn due to a heavy coating of SPF 50 sunscreen each morning, but even under that much sunscreen I've still been tanning.  Which is weird.... I honestly thought that much sunscreen would block everything.  Huh. 

Maybe it's the AWESOME farmer's tan I've gotten while gardening this summer?  Oh, wait... you haven't heard?  A farmer's tan is now considered the hip thing.  Spread the word!

The other thing that has happened gradually over the summer but with a recent explosion while at the beach are my freckles.  I now have Pippi Longstocking-level freckles.  Seriously, it's bad. 

You know, I don't remember having this many freckles as a child.  I think they're building up as I age.


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