Friday, August 2, 2013

Dog Trick - Month 2

As I mentioned here, I am trying to teach Bella a new trick each month.  July was supposed to be 'bow' where she does that 'downward facing dog' move, but she was struggling to catch on and I didn't stick with the training like I should have.  Tsk tsk!

So when the last week of the month loomed ahead with no new trick learned, I switched to 'roll over'.  Right now she can play dead by rolling onto her back, but she doesn't know 'roll over' where she makes the full circuit.

Her playing dead always makes me laugh because she's the HAPPIEST dead dog ever - she lays there with her tail wagging the whole time!

Here's the trick where she plays dead when I shoot her:

Here's her NEW trick, 'roll over':

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