Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Wild Turkeys

I just looked out of my kitchen window and saw 3 wild turkeys in our driveway!  (Sorry about the poor picture quality.)

We see deer so often that they're commonplace, but I've only seen wild turkeys a few times.  According to the NC Wildlife Resources Commission, the "wild turkey population has increased from an estimated 2,000 birds in 1970 to an estimated 130,000 birds in 2000".  So the fact that I don't see them that often shouldn't be super surprising, I guess.

About a year or so ago, I was walking along our gravel driveway and saw a drift of feathers in the grass.  Something had obviously caught a turkey dinner the night before!

I had never seen any turkey feathers close up before, and was amazed at how beautiful the feathers are.  The tips are an iridescent bronze, and the main part of the feather is a gorgeous mottled brown color.  I saved the feathers for some unknown future use, and just this week turned 2 of the feathers into feather earrings.  I love them!

Homemade Turkey Feather Earrings

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  1. Very cool! I once saw a wild turkey up in a tree. It was kinda surreal.