Friday, March 24, 2017

No-Dig Planting Technique

I ordered 2 honeyberry bushes and 2 raspberries, and they arrived recently.

I wanted to plant them in the middle of our circular drive which gets full sun, but has really crappy dirt.

My options were either to dig REALLY BIG holes and amend the snot out of the bad dirt, or skip the bad dirt problem altogether.

I first put down a layer of cardboard to block weeds, then put down a good 10" - 12" of good dirt and compost, and topped it with bark mulch.

I've used this basic method several times before with good results.  Where I live there tends to be lots of clay, which is TERRIBLE to try and dig a sizable hole in for planting.  It doesn't do whatever you just planted much good either.  This method is much easier on me, and gives a better start to the plant.

Hope you also find it useful!

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  1. How are those honeyberries and raspberries doing! I always look at the honeyberries in the nursery catalogues, but haven't bought yet. Your planting method looks really good! Clay soils need all the help they can get.