Sunday, June 14, 2015

Sign Your Child Up For FREE Books!

When we were expecting our first baby, a friend of the family told us about a program where you can sign your child up to get a FREE BOOK mailed to them every month.  That's all I had to hear!  I had the form filled out and taped by our front door, just waiting until the baby was actually born to pop the letter into the mailbox.

So Miles has been enrolled in Dolly’s Imagination Library since he was born, and he's been getting a free book in the mail at the beginning of every month like clockwork!

As far as I'm concerned, this is magical.

Every month when the new book shows up it's like a mini holiday, and we always read the new book the day it came in the mail.  Children are eligible from when they're born until they're 5 years old, so that means Miles will received a whopping SIXTY books while he's enrolled in the program!!

Not only that, but they're age appropriate books.  When he was a newborn the books had regular paper pages, but lately they've been cardboard books that can withstand him grabbing them and putting them in his mouth.

Your county has to support the program, so go online to check your availability at

If you know of ANYBODY with children under 5 years old, spread the word!

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