Sunday, December 28, 2014




This is something I've seriously been waiting YEARS to do.  The house will be finished around the end of January, and the trailer will be hauled away January 5th.  I'll use the land made available by the removal of the trailer to plant a lot of the stuff I just ordered.

Here's what I got: 

'Sunshine' Blueberry - "The bush grows 3-4 feet tall and wide, and produces up to ten pounds of delicious, light blue, medium sized berries. They ripen over a very long season, from early August through early September."

'Misty' Blueberry - "A perfect compliment to 'Sunshine Blue', this southern Highbush variety thrives as a beautiful evergreen bush, about 5' tall, not only in the South but along the west coast to the Canadian border. The bright blue green foliage provides a perfect contrast to the hot pink spring flowers and the sky blue, very flavorful fruit."

'Mignonette' Alpine Strawberries - "Exceptionally winter hardy plants bear heavily from June through October.  In addition to making a beautiful groundcover in sun or partial shade, these exceptionally productive plants bear intensely sweet fruit that is renowned in France for making delicious pastries or for dropping into a glass of champagne.

'Shuksan' Strawberry - "Tops for both freezing and fresh eating. Plants bear large crops of medium to large, firm, dark red berries in late June every year."

'Tri Star' Strawberry - "This large, delicious, heavily productive berry is favored as the top variety through much of the nation both for fresh eating and for freezing. A day neutral variety, it bears fruit the first season and produces excellent crops from June until frost."

'Caroline' Raspberry - "This heavy yielding, red raspberry produces loads of delicious fruit on primocanes from late August until fall. Proven successful from coast to coast, Caroline responds well to warmer summer temperatures by ripening earlier. The wonderfully tasty fruit is large, red and firm."

'Tulameen' Raspberry - "This extraordinary introduction from British Columbia produces enormous, light red, aromatic fruit with a wonderful flavor. Besides berries that are 25% bigger than Meeker, Tulameen uniquely extends the summer raspberry season through July and August, producing for up to 50 days."

'Blue Moon' Honeyberry - "A very attractive spreading shrub, Blue Moon has soft, velvety, bright-green foliage and bears abundant crop of large, light-blue, tasty fruit."

'Blue Pacific' Honeyberry - "From the East Coast of Russia, this attractive variety features a compact spreading form, light green foliage, and large, light blue berries."

'Blue Velvet' Honeyberry - "A late blooming cultivar that grows to 4' tall and 6' wide. It has unusual greyish green, velvety leaves. The fruit is large and flavorful. "

'Illinois Everbearing' Mulberry - "It sometimes starts producing the first year after planting and bears an abundance of sweet, highly flavored fruit, that look like elongated blackberries.  The berries ripen continuously throughout July, August, and September, hence its name."

'Ashmead's Kernel' Apple - "The incredible sweet-tart flavor of this superb heirloom apple has made it a connoisseur's favorite.  Discovered in Gloucester about 1750, scab resistant trees are easy to grow and are grown commercially in England today.  The medium size fruit with brown russetting keeps extremely well."

'Honeycrisp' Apple - "A superior quality red apple with an outstanding crisp texture and a juicy combination of sweet and tart flavors."

'Pink Lady' Apple - "This beautiful new apple from Western Australia has a pink blush on its yellow skin. The medium-size, conical fruit has fine-grained flesh that is at once tangy and sweet, crisp and crunchy."

'Melrose' Apple - "This flavorful red apple is top rated for reliability and keeping. Properly stored in the garage, it can keep until May. A heavy crop of tart apples, great for cooking or eating fresh, ripens in late October. Melrose is the official Ohio state apple."

'Mount Royal' Plum - "In August, Mt. Royal sets abundant clusters of medium size round blue plums with yellow flesh. The fruit tree is self fertile and produces huge crops excellent for fresh eating, canning or freezing."

'Lattarula' Fig - "Among the most popular and widely adapted varieties. It has amber colored flesh and a yellow-green skin. Its fine quality for canning, drying and fresh eating, has earned it the name Italian Honey Fig."

Chilean guava - "The attractive Chilean Guava bears red, one inch oval fruit with a tart flavor and aroma reminiscent of strawberries."

'Dorris' Hazelnut - "This new highly blight resistant cultivar from OSU is perfect for the home gardener. It produces heavy crops of delicious filberts on a dwarf tree that is only half the size of other filbert varieties."

'Yamhill' Hazelnut - "This latest OSU release is very productive. It is Eastern Filbert Blight immune and also produces early ripening, very tasty nuts. It is a small tree."

'All in One' Almond - "A self-fertile, soft shelled, sweet almond that produces nuts and ripens them in the Pacific Northwest and in warmer climates. It is a generic semidwarf and will only grow 12 to 15 feet tall."


  1. Congratulations! I need to get my fruit and nut tree order in soon too. I'm also looking toward mulberry and honeyberries too. We have an all-in-one almond and I have to say we've been quite happy with it.

    1. That's wonderful to hear - how long did it take you to get a crop of almonds from it?