Saturday, October 4, 2014


Over a year ago I wrote a post that added up the cost of all the permanent plantings I want to create the INSTANT we have enough free space to do so.  A lot of these are fruit and nut plants that will take years to begin bearing fruit, which is one of the big reasons for my impatience to get this stuff started.

During the intervening year I've done odd jobs here and there and stashed away the resulting cash in a jar on top of my dresser.  Other than when I was actually adding cash to the jar I never thought about it - we use debit cards for all our normal expenses.

Well, we recently had a meeting with our builder, and were told that the house SHOULD (keep your fingers crossed!) be done sometime around January or March!

THAT means this coming spring the trailer will be GONE, and I'll be able to go ahead and plant our little mini-orchard!!!!!!!!!

Once I realized that, I ran to count up how much cash I'd managed to save in the jar on top of my dresser and it adds up to a little more than $600.  WHOO HOO!  By my original calculations, the plants themselves (not counting shipping costs or fill dirt or anything else) will cost around $400, so I've officially met my goal!

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