Monday, June 16, 2014

Iced Coffee Rant

So this weekend Jack and I drove up to Asheville, and on the drive there and back we stopped multiple times at multiple locations for iced coffee (because that's just what happens when I'm in the car).

Each time the same thing would happen - I would place my order for an iced coffee with no sugar, just cream.  Then they would hand me the iced coffee, I would take my first sip.... and go 'BLECH'!

Because it was tooth-achingly sweet.

.... after I had ordered a drink WITH NO SUGAR.

Apparently when they ask you if you want sugar, they really mean do you want EXTRA sugar ON TOP OF your assumed, baseline of sugar.

What........ the............. heck.

First of all, this is irritating because that is literally not what I ordered.  Each time I was surprised, and had to ask them to make it again (remember, we were stopping at different locations which is what I'm going to use as my excuse for not catching on very quickly to this super irritating trend).

Second of all, to me this says something pretty sad about American taste preferences.

Anyways, this is just yet another excellent reason to make all my iced coffee AT HOME, where I can fix it just the way I like it and it's insanely cheap.

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