Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Summer Grilling Is Now An Option!

Literally just a few minutes ago I placed an order for my VERY FIRST GRILL.

Yeah, you read that right.

We've been putting off getting a grill since we don't have a back deck, so a grill would be relegated to crouching in the grass in the backyard.  It just seemed so, so... ignoble.  Poor little grill!

Having said that, I couldn't stand being grill-less any more.  I just....snapped.  It's spring, and every hardware and homegood store has a line of beautiful, shiny grills on their front sidewalk, calling my name.

"Hey", whisper the grills as I walk past.  "Think about all the things you could do if you just had a grill...  Burgers!  Grilled corn!  Beer-can chicken!  Steaks!  The list is endless."

So true, disembodied voice in my head.  So true.

So this morning I placed an order for a charcoal Weber kettle grill and a chimney, so I can actually light the charcoal without pulling my hair out.

I'm so excited!!  The grill is supposed to be delivered this Friday, so I'm DEFINITELY going to do some sort of grill-out this weekend.  I'm already plotting what to grill first.  The problem is that I have so much pent-up grilling energy that I want to do EVERYTHING first.  I can just see it now - one dinner for two people that consists of every food possible to balance on a grill grate.

In the meantime I'll just wait by the door for my delivery, daydreaming of skipping through a wildflower meadow hand-in-hand with my new grill.

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