Wednesday, April 2, 2014


It's 85° and sunny outside right now, and it's not supposed to drop below the mid-60's this week.... I might be tempting fate to say this, but I think SPRING IS HERE!  

I am so ready!

The small planters of mixed daffodils I have by the front steps are blooming, the spring bulbs I planted by the apple trees are blooming...  It's a beautiful time of year.  

Last week Jack and I signed the final contract for our house, so now the bank is setting up the construction loan.  Apparently that takes about 30 days, and then the builders can start clearing land!

On one hand it's insanely exciting!  Something REAL will happen!!

On the other hand, that means I have 30 days to get all the stuff in our backyard cleared away.  The duck yard, the dog fence, the small garden area...  Groan.

Luckily I started dismantling the duck yard this past fall, but then WINTER happened and nobody wants to be outside then, am I right?

So to give you an idea of what the backyard had in it, here are a few partial shots of the duck yard:

And here is a shot of just ONE of the small mountains of fencing and other assorted items being piled up to be hauled away to the dump.  I've made so many dump runs in the last few weeks that the lady who mans the station at the dump recognizes me on sight now.

Waiting to be hauled away to the dump.

Today I FINALLY finished yanking out the duck yard, and here is a shot of the gloriously cleared backyard!

Ok, ok, there are still a few items to deal with but it's MOSTLY cleared.  I still have plenty of dog fence to pull up and deal with though.

Not only that, but I'm 12 weeks pregnant.  Yay!!  The baby is due in October, and the house will be completed around December or January, so we jumped the gun a tiny bit, but we got pretty close ;-)

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