Monday, March 3, 2014


WTF, Monday?!
Sunday was glorious - sunny with a light, playful breeze and almost 70°.  Spring was here!!  Sunday night I laid awake thinking of all the spring projects I was going to get started on the very next day!

Then Monday actually rolls around.

Over the course of 12 short hours the temperature dropped 30° and it went from raining to snowing.

Let me just say that again......

It's MARCH in the SOUTH and it's SNOWING.

I feel like throwing myself forcefully onto my living room carpet and having a full-blown tantrum.  The weather all but crossed it's heart and promised spring was here!  But no, it was just a filthy lie.

The theoretical knowledge that in other parts of the country snow in March is par for the course doesn't help me much.  I choose to not live in those parts of the country for a reason.

Anyway, I guess this gives me one last good excuse to cuddle up with the dogs on the couch and hide under a pile of blankets with a cup of hot chocolate before spring really does get here.

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