Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Super Easy Homemade Tomato Soup Recipe

I love tomato soup - always have, always will.

I took a thermos of condensed tomato soup for lunch pretty much the entire four years of high school (variety... what's that?).

Lately I've been having a crisp and delicious salad for lunch as part of my 30 Day Challenge, but today I'm suffering from a vicious cold and winter in general.  Something warm and comforting was definitely called for.

These days I don't have to rely on having a can of condensed tomato soup hanging around in the pantry for these little emergencies.  In reality, homemade tomato soup is SUPER DUPER CRAZY EASY to make from stuff you probably already have in your pantry, it can be made using just 1 pot, and the soup it makes totally beats the pants off anything that comes from a can.

Super Easy Homemade Tomato Soup Recipe

1 onion
Drizzle of oil
2 cups of tomatoes, any style (either a pint jar, or a regular sized can from the grocery store)
1 cup stock
1/3 cup heavy cream
1 teaspoon brown sugar
salt & pepper to taste

1.) Roughly slice the onion, and sauté over medium heat with the oil right in your soup pot.  The more time you spend here and the closer the onions get to caramelized, the better the soup will be in the end.  I usually get a little impatient and just brown them real well.

2.) Once the onions are ready, add the tomatoes and stock and bring to a simmer.  Season with salt, pepper, and the brown sugar.

3.)  Toss your soup into a blender (or blend it right in the pot using an immersion blender) and process until smooth.  Pour back into your soup pot, and hit it with the cream.

4.) Once it comes back up to a simmer, you're done!  You can enjoy it as-is, or dress it up any way you like.  I added a small spoonful of Greek yogurt and a few grinds of fresh pepper to mine.  A sprinkle of cheese would be good, or a dash of red pepper flakes to kick it up a notch.


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