Monday, January 27, 2014

Tip For Easier Freezer Storage

I'm currently working on a 30-day challenge where I have a smoothie for breakfast and a salad for lunch, so my freezer has a bunch of fruit waiting to become smoothies in it.  Most of these bags of frozen fruit are not resealable, so without thinking about it too much I've been opening a new bag of fruit and dumping the unused portion into a new Ziploc freezer bag.  

Unfortunately, this meant I was going through a lot of those Ziploc freezer bags.  Not only was it a hassle to have to constantly transfer fruit to a new bag, but it wasted a lot of plastic.  

Well, the last time I was visiting Katie from NC Garden Gals, she pulled out a bag of fruit from HER freezer and it had this little weird clip on it.  Apparently it was a type of snack clip I had never seen before, and she was using it to reseal her open bags.  BRILLIANT!  

Once I got home I started looking around for these clips, and the reason I had never seen them before became clear - they weren't in any of our local grocery stores or household good stores.  

Since getting my hands on these clips I've been using them to reseal EVERYTHING.  They've instantly become one of the most used items in my kitchen.  

Bags of frozen fruits or vegetables?  CLIPPED.
Bags of fresh salad greens?  HECK YEAH, CLIPPED.
Bags of fresh produce for stir-fries?  CLIPPED LIKE WHOA.
Bags of snack foods / chips?  CLIPPED THAT TOO.
Bags of flour / corn meal?  CLIPPED LIKE A BOSS.

You, too, can enjoy the power of the clip!

P.S. I totally had a strawberry-blueberry smoothie for breakfast this morning, and it was so delicious I almost cried.  Best fruit combo so far!

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