Monday, October 21, 2013

House Plans!

It's been a while since my last post - things have been busy around here!

We've had a couple of meetings with our builders and the house planner.  The planner is a delightful lady named Jane who is super enthusiastic about this project.  She's had several awesome ideas, like to tuck the washer and dryer into the space under the stairs.  

In fact, we liked the plans she came back with so much we only had one or two tiny changes.  We're pretty much thrilled with the house plans.  

We're doing a one-and-a-half story house, and in so many of the plans we found online the upper half-story used a narrow hallway to connect the bedrooms up there, which really seemed like a waste of space.  Jane managed to arrange things so we get a nice landing to turn into an office area - bonus!  

We got pretty much every item on our wish list (super-sized pantry, mudroom at front entrance, window seat in a bay window, tub and shower in the master bathroom, a wood stove, etc) except we might end up with a deck instead of a screened-in porch.  

This is because there is a definite slant to our land, so we may end up with a crawl-space style foundation instead of a slab-style, and the crawl-space type is more pricey.  

We're still trying to brain-storm ideas to make the screened-in porch happen, but regardless - this is going to be an AWESOME house!!  

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