Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Freezer of Plenty

On Monday I made stock out of the duck carcasses, and then let the stock sit in the fridge for a full 48 hours so the fat would solidify to the top of the stock.

Today I strained the stock and used my pressure canner for the first batch.  I made so much stock that it will take 2 pressure canner batches to can it all!  I'm not complaining - I cook with a ton of stock, so this is great news to me!

I DEFINITELY saved the duck fat from the top of the stock.  Williams-Sonoma sells a little 11oz jar of duck fat for $15!!  That's what you can see in the pint jar in the front of the picture...  It has a super-rich taste, and I plan on using a drizzle of the duck fat here & there.

If we had MORE duck fat, we could have tried to make duck confit, which is basically curing duck meat by submersing it in duck fat.  It's supposed to be incredibly tender and delicious.

In the back of the picture you can see the freezer bags of duck breasts and thighs.  We got 6 bags of 3 breasts and 4 bags of 4 thighs - not bad!

I also saved the duck livers so I can try to make pate.  I've never eaten pate before, much less made it, but I found a recipe that sounds really good in the book "Tender at the Bone" by Ruth Reichl.  The recipe has been put online here, and has pretty much all the things I like in it: onion, garlic, wine, and lemon.  How can that not be good??

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